Asset Auction Services offers insurance coverage pricing, divorce settlement, stock split between business partners, in plant value and quick sale pricing of items. We are willing to accept on consignment the items we appraise
Charges run from free guess-t-mation to $75.00 per hour for a court approved report.

Fund Raisers
Asset Auction Services produces fund raisers for charities. Our company answers the need of strong non profit organizations that need funding but lack the volunteer personnel to plan, organize and arrange a Gala Event, Night Club Outing, Bar-B-Que, Softball Tournament, Rummage Sale or other fund raising event. Charities need the eye of the public and we use these events to put you there.

Extra Services

Asset Auction Services can provide crew and equipment to pack and ship items to other locations by carrier, by our equipment or escort items across country.

Special packing, disassembly or reassembly, fragile shipping of art, instruments, clocks and other rare items.